AGPHOTONICS S.L. is a recently established spin-off, officially recognized as a technology-based company (EBT) by the University of Malaga (UMA) in early 2023. It was founded at the initiative of the research team from the Photonics & RF Research Lab. AGPhotonics specializes in the design of devices and systems based on integrated photonics for a wide range of applications, including fiber optic communications, free-space optical communications, remote sensing, photonic biosensing, photonic computing, and quantum applications. The majority of licensed know-how is centered around high-performance solutions related to the input/output (I/O) interface of photonic chips. This enables us to work on providing highly efficient solutions for light coupling to photonic chips and the controlled emission of beams from chips for free-space communications, SpaceCom, or LIDAR. In addition, AGPhotonics also offers photonic device design services to other companies in need of solving specific problems within the company's expertise.









Bioherent was founded in 2021 as a technology company by researchers of the University of Málaga with entirely different backgrounds and fields of expertise such as Engineering (Photonics & Telecommunications), Organic Chemistry, and Medicine to target the sensitive and reliable detection of drug allergy in the clinical environment.

This company was created by members of three research groups from the University of Málaga and Bionand, the Andalusian Centre for Nanomedicine & Biotechnology: the Photonics and Radiofrequency Laboratory, the Biomimetic Dendrimers and Photonic Laboratory, and the Nanostructures For Diagnosing and Treatment of Allergic Diseases Laboratory. 










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