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The Photonics & RF Research Lab is formed by more than 20 researchers including seniors and students and is part of the Research Institute of Telecommunication at Malaga University (TELMA).

The group has an applied orientation and is a relevant player in the field of integrated photonics in Spain, where it stands out for the quality of its scientific work in the fields of integrated transceivers for telecom/datacom, artificial metamaterials for photonics and sensing solutions. The group, which is recognized by its training capacity, regularly offers training scholarships for students wishing to carry out frontier R&D activities in the photonics field.

The group is founder and promoter of BIOHERENT, a 2021 ‘spin-off’ in the field of In Vitro Diagnostics solutions for drug allergies, based in integrated photonics solutions. It is currently promoting another Technology-based Company.

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