• Optical table

  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer 600-1700nm Agilent 86146B

  • All photonic Parameter Analyzer Agilent 81910A

  • Tunable laser source 1550nm

  • Polarization Control








  • Interferometric Measurement

  • Insertion Losses

  • Group Delay

  • Differential group delay and Polarization dependant Losses









  • Lightwave component analyzer LCA N4373C

  • Modulators and photo-receivers characterization at 1550 and 1300nm.

    Electrical Bandwidth 50GHz.



Thorlabs Nano-alignment workstation for electro-optical chip measurement


  • Electrical Signal Analyzer (26.5GHz) Agilent MXA 9020A
  • Phase noise measurement system (26.5GHz) Agilent SSA E5052B

  • Vector IQ Modulation (6GHz) Agilent N5182A

  • Sampling oscilloscope 20GHz Tektronix CSA8000






  • Keysight MSOV134A Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (13 GHz, 80 Gs/s)
  • Keysight Arbitray Waveform Generator M8195A-2 Channels (10 GHz, 32.5 Gs/s)



  • IPG Photonics High Power C Band Bench EDFA EAD-500-C

  • Thorlabs DPC-5500 In Lione Deterministic Polarization Controller

  • IXBlue Electro-Optic IQ Modulator MXIQER-LN-30 (2-20 GHz)
  • Photline MBT-BT Modulator Bias Controller for MXIQER-LN-30








  • 1550 nm laser diode and EDFA

  • Polarization controllers

  • Microfluidics pump and valve
  • Configurable-gain photodetectors

  • Fiber-to-chip alignment platform









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