Diego Pérez Galacho received the MSc in Telecommunication Engineering from Málaga University (Spain) in 2011. From 2011 until September 2013 he was working on the design of coherent receivers in III-V technology for the European project MIRTHE at the Photonics & RF research laboratory at Málaga University. In September 2013 he joined the Silicon Photonics research group at Paris-Sud University, where he worked on the development of silicon transceivers for the European projects PLAT4M and COSMICC. In October 2016 he defended his PhD entitled "High speed optical modulation, advanced modulation formats and mode division multiplexing in Silicon Photonics" at Paris-Sud University. In October 2017 he moved to the Photonics Research Labs at Polytechnic University of Valencia to work on the design of photonic devices for Integrated Microwave Photonics Applications. In July 2022 he joined the University of Malaga as Assistant Professor. His research interests is in the area of design and characterization of photonic integrated circuits for analog and digital applications, including modulators, photodetectors and passive devices.

He was awarded the Best Student Poster award at the IEEE Group IV Photonics conference, Vancouver, 2015. He was awarded the Juan de la Cierva Formación fellowship (2018) and the Juan de la Cierva Incorporación fellowship (2021).








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