We have two research labs: one devoted to design and simulation and another one for prototyping and measurements. Here you can find some information about the instrumentation and their capabilities.






  • Optical table
  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer 600-1700nm Agilent 86146B
  • All photonic Parameter Analyzer Agilent 81910A
  • Tunable laser source 1550nm
  • Polarization Control








  • Interferometric Measurement
  • Insertion Losses
  • Group Delay
  • Differential group delay and Polarization dependant Losses 







  • Lightwave component analyzer LCA N4373C
  • Modulators and photo-receivers characterization at 1550 and 1300nm. Electrical Bandwidth 50GHz.



Thorlabs Nano-alignment workstation for electro-optical chip measurement







  • Wire-bonding packaging Kulicke-Soffa
  • Electrical Signal Analyzer (26.5GHz) Agilent MXA 9020A
  • Phase noise measurement system (26.5GHz) Agilent SSA E5052B
  • Vector IQ Modulation (6GHz) Agilent N5182A
  • Sampling oscilloscope 20GHz Tektronix CSA8000













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