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From 1993 the Photonics & RF Group has carried out a continuous research activity on numerical methods devoted to the analysis and design of photonic devices. Nowadays, almost twenty years later, we realize our designs making an intensive use (combined with other commercial solutions) of our five home-made simulation tools:

  • Full Vectorial Mode Solver.
  • Full Vectorial Beam Propagation Method.
  • Discontinuities Characterization Tool.
  • Bloch-Floquet Mode Solver.
  • Optical Systems Simulator.


3D Full Vectorial Mode Solver








Arbitrary geometry

Non circular holes ↔ Fabrication process.

PML boundaries





Fast Fourier Transform-based Mode Solver (FFT-MS) is an efficient full-vectorial solver to accurately calculate the modes of arbitrarily shaped optical dielectric waveguides. For example, the FFT-MS with PMLs has been succesfully applied to the numerical modeling of the fundamental characteristics such as chromatic dispersion, modal birefringence, and connement losses of index-guiding PCFs.


3D Full Vectorial Beam Propagation Method







Large structures: i.e. Radius = 500 um


PML boundaries




BPMs based on finite differences and Fourier decompositon allow us to analyze a wide range of devices.



Discontinuities characterization









High contrast (InGaAsP/In)→ Full wave (vectorial)

PML → Radiation




The Fourier Eigenmode Expansion Method (Fourier-EEM) is a strategy to analyze optical devices with abrupt discontinuities in the longitudinal direction. It uses a global Fourier based approach to perform the transversal discretization of the structure and includes PMLs to deal with the outgoing radiation.



Bloch-Floquet Mode Solver

 FEXEN (Fourier EXpansion simulation ENvironment) is a home-made simulator based on the Fourier-EEM. It efficiently analyzes periodic structures using Floquet modes theory, so it is intensively used in the group for grating design.


Optical Systems Simulator







Split step Fourier based

Coupled nonlinear Scrödinger Equations

GVD, PMD, Non-linearity, ASE noise (EDFA)


  Simulating possibilities of 100GET transmission over existing infrastructure DQPSK









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